The Diva Initiative

The Diva Initiative is a non profit powered by Shydiva Collection, LLC (Shydiva Co), to provide feminine necessities to women and mothers in need across the world one handbag at a time. Our goal is to collect used/good condition women’s bags (handbags and backpacks) and pack each and every one of them with necessities such as but not limited to, tampons, lotion, deodorant, pillow cases, socks, etc. For the month of November, donations will be going to Mercy Hospice which is a community grounded in faith, mutual respect and support where women in recovery and their families can heal, grow and pursue new beginnings, on their way to self-sufficient and sober living.

Help us reach our goal and make an impact in our communities!

If you have any questions please contact our CEO, Shydiyah Gardner by phone at (215) 820-4550 or by email at





Handbags/Backpacks (8”x12” or larger)

Tampons/ Pad/ Liners (Preferably ORGANIC) 



Tooth Paste & Toothbrushes 

Unworn Panties & Socks

New Pillow Cases

Pampers & Baby Wipes

Wash Cloths


Laundry Detergent

*If an item is not listed above but you believe it could help, please shoot us a text or email*

Phone #: 2672583574


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