What is the process for Philadelphia pickup?

Philadelphia pickups are welcomed to customers who placed an order online Tuesdays-Saturdays 10am-5pm (unless otherwise stated, on Instagram). Customers without an existing online order may book a personal shopping appointment by texting (215) 820-4550. Our studio address can be found at the bottom of our website.


When will my order ship?

All orders are processed and shipped within 2-4 business days. Please check your email for shipping confirmation & tracking info. Shipping time varies per customer and location. All orders are shipped via USPS or UPS. Orders typically take 4-6 business days (6-14 business days for international orders) to arrive- INCLEMENT WEATHER, DISTANCE FROM SENDER, COVID 19,  OR A VARIETY OF OTHER UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES may make this time longer.


Can I refund my purchase?

No. We do not accept any items to be refunded after purchase.


Can I exchange an item?

Yes. We accept exchanges on items up to 24 hours after receiving them. We do not allow exchanges on SALE items.


I made a mistake, is there someone I can contact about my order?

Yes. Please contact info@shydiva.co for assistance or for a quicker response please text (215) 820-4550. 


How can I collab with Shydiva Co?

Email us at talent@shydiva.co.


I want to purchase an item that’s sold out! What do I do?

Subscribe to our mailing list on the bottom of our website to be notified about restock dates.